Fairy Tales Might get an “R” rating!

After Reading Peter Pan in the original version where Peter kills any of his “lost boys’ if they start to grow up and Tinkerbelle is murderous conniving little bitch I took a look at some other Disney movies.

The Little Mermaid: In the original the Sea Witch cuts out the Little Mermaid’s tongue, the prince marries someone else and the Little Mermaid then chooses to commit suicide by drowning herself

Cinderella: The wicked stepsister cut off their toes and heels in an attempt to fit the slipper and then later birds peck out the wicked step-sister’s eyes

The Jungle Book: Mowgli is rejected by society when he tries to return to the village after living in the Jungle, his friend Hathi the elephant destroys the village and kills all its inhabitants

The Fox and the Hound: The Hound attempts to revenge the death of another hound by gassing the fox’s burrow killing its family in the process, The fox bites a little girl who gets rabies and dies

Gepetto is arrested for child abuse, Pinocchio kills the cricket, The Blue Fairy tells Pinocchio she is actually dead, Pinocchio turns into a donkey and is sold to a new owner who attempts to drown him.

Aladdin: In the original Cassim is killed and dismembered by the owners of the treasure and his body parts are spread around the area to deter future thieves

Beauty and the Beast: Belle is not an only child, she has two wicked sisters who attempt to set her up to be eaten by the Beast

The Hunchback of Notre Dame:
Phoebus arrests Quasimodo and tortures him while trying to seduce Esmerelda, Frollo kills Phoebus but Esmerelda is charged with the murder. She is hanged. Quasimodo kills Frollo and eventually dies next to Esmerelda’s corpse.

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The KGBear

Socio-biologists note that the Russian Bear (sometimes known as the KGBear) is out of hibernation and foraging widely in almost record numbers. Many believe this is occurring in an attempt to regain weight lost after the long hard cold “war”….. starved for food and attention, the bear has been seen hunting for tasty morsels in a territory that had historically but not recently been part of its range. Prowling aggressively but often with no discernable markings that would help to identify it. . Watching carefully for its favorite food, the tasty flocks of Freedom Doves and Democratic ducks that through team work and determination drove him from this range in the first place. History shows that some doves and ducks will stand alone before him daring him to eat while others flee fearing the scourge of his bloody history. This bear is carnivorous and is best known for preferring sometimes bloody action with little concern or reaction to words, dismay, pain or the respect from the rest of the animal kingdom.

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What Really Happened to the 777

Over the past two weeks I have collected many of the statements uttered by talking heads usually immediately after uttering the phrase, “We don’t want to speculate.” Here are some that I have heard or seen

Meteor strike,Weaponization,Encounter of the III kind, other supernatural phenomena,Lithium batteries, false oil slicks,tail section found, Plane parts floating,religious terrorists, pilot suicide, Flight engineer did it, pilot did it, co pilot did it, passenger did it, on the radar, not on the radar, climbed to 45000 feet, flew below 5000 feet, flew under another plane to avoid radar,Taliban did it, Acars turned off Acars not turned off, time anomalies, Transponder off no one noticed, somewhere in 27000 sq miles of ocean, 4,000,000 sq miles of ocean, now 6,000,000 sq miles of ocean, plane flew for four hours, plane flew for 5 hours, plane flew for 7 hours,skilled pilot at the wheel, flown by a remote computer, cockpit fire, catastrophic cockpit accident, someone set course into auto pilot and then killed all officers and himself ……. the list goes on. Some pundit noted that a big event with no smoking gun in a 24 hour cable news atmosphere is like a blind man lighting a match in a garage full of leaking gasoline containers…. nobody knows exactly when it is going to explode or how it happened but everyone has an idea and wants to share it.

Applying Ockham’s razor I would guess that the plane is at the bottom of the deep and isolated southern Indian Ocean as that is the simplest answer. If it will be found and how it got there may take years to determine if it is ever determined, particularly if there was a pilot in control who ditched it, nearly out of fuel, with some effectiveness leaving the plane to sink as one large piece with little detectable debris on the surface. aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhh more speculation!

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The State of the Union

I noticed something missing from the State of the Union Address even though the concept has been around and accepted for thousands of years. As the president crowned himself king and declared unilateral action and the republicans continued to sit on their hands the totality of the divided assembly reminded me mostly of a street gang where loyalty to the colors was paramount and right or wrong was meaningless. If only one person had applauded at the wrong time it would have filled me with hope. Instead I saw two groups of petulant teenagers caring not for logic or reason but only their own self-serving agenda.
The concept is simple; The New Testament tells us that, “A house divided cannot stand.” Aesop notes in, “The Four Oxen and the Lion,” that together the oxen can protect themselves from the lion. alone they will fall one by one. Patrick Henry used the words in his last public speech when he said, “Let us trust God and our better judgment to set us right hereafter. United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs.” Later Kentucky made the phrase their state motto. Even Pink Floyd in, ‘ Hey You,” and Def Leppard in “When Love and Hate Collide,” noted the value of unity. Recognized in comic books and cartoons with the Power Rangers in Megaforce and The Ulitmates for Marvel Comics the value of standing united has been confirmed through the ages. Even the make believe wizard world of Harry Potter weighs in with, “We are only as strong as we are together, as weak as we are divided.”
Heavy metal bands, fantasies, comic books and our founding fathers got it right and yet our elected officials with all the lessons of history before them seemingly cannot or will not get it right.

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“TANSTAAFL” …… Isaac Asimov

As I read about the debate over net neutrality (free equal internet access) I am reminded of things that started off free or nearly free, later became accepted as a necessity and then went up in cost from there . Some things are just beginning to climb the slope to needability and thus profit others have already made the trip

Here are some that used to be free, became perceived as needs or rights and then became profitable

ATM’s I have seen them with fees as high as 10 dollars a transaction (Vegas)

Checking accounts/ savings accounts/ transaction charges/fees even in some cases charges for depositing money (giving the bank the product it sells and paying to give it to them )

Public Water fountains still are fee just disappearing

Broadcast Television’s conversion ( perhaps it should be perversion) to cable

Internet from phone modem to various other carriers

First day of school ( books/supplies/ Kleenex? fees)


State Parks

National Parks



Car washes were free with a fill of gas

Window washing and oil checking was free with a gas purchase

Sewer charges

Garbage pickup

Franchise Fees

Re-Cycling Fees

Irrigation system inspections

Ground water Flowage Fees coming to a neighborhood near you soon.

Door to door mail and newspaper delivery

On the endangered but still mostly free list

Saturday mail delivery

Public waterway access

Free Car Radio

Extra condiments at fast food restaurants (packaging tax is next)

Free toilets ( this has been charged for in the past but it will come back) and I would guess toilet paper expense is in our future

Free parking on the street will disappear in high density residential areas Probably a sticker system

Free driving on highways ( more toll roads/ express pass/gas tax/use tax, a mileage Tax could be levied that reported electronically from a sensor in your car any time wireless was available)

Free containers other than the already taxed pop bottles, look for a tax on all containers that are not reusable

Airport security

Free school bus ride

Free books/electronic use at school

Free access to school athletics

Free Elementary and middle school music programs/ activities

Stronger Bicycle licensing/ road use tax

Increased tax on electric vehicles to cover loss of gas tax

Look at the taxes and fees on your mobile bill.. more are coming

Services were not originally taxed, some are exempt, those exemptions will go away I would anticipate a VAT tax on food, drugs and medical care

Watch for free tickets at the fair or reduced price tickets provided by the Iowa State fair board to be used as cash for food purchases intent is to suck you into paying for their poor accounting practices by embracing a future ticket pay system

Online news papers

Compressed air at gas stations

Use of a credit card, you in effect pay a 2% penalty if you don’t use your credit card because you don’t get cash back if you pay with cash (remember when they used to give you a discount when you paid with cash?) Now the two percent is built into every price so stores make a double profit on cash purchases.

Debit Card Fees per transaction probably from the bank rather than the vendor

Airport taxes

Resort/hotel taxes

Various Social Media will start charging soon.. surely you wouldn’t drop your social media site if it just cost a buck a month

Wikipedia (I still have my Britannicas)

APPS for things that are now free but wont be for long.

The euphoniously named Affordable Care Act will probably be on this list as most logical people understand that you don’t get something for nothing and this is a lot of something being promised for little or nothing

Isaac Asimov wrote TANSTAAFL… No matter how much we wish there was , ” There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch!”

We live in a generally equitable system of money, with the exception of the Federal Government that can print more when they need it, in every transaction there is to a certain extent almost always a winner and a loser. Right now I sense that the American public is walking around with a large L in the middle of its forehead.

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Iowa State Fair Plans to Scam Iowans with Cardboard Gift Cards

The profit in Gift Cards is not in the sale of the cards but the cards that go unused and are lost. In many ways gift cards are a sham transaction based on the knowledge that a known percentage of people lose or will never use some of the cards that they buy and by doing so generating pure profit for the seller.

The Iowa State Fair’s plan to go cashless and force patrons to buy tickets to use as cash on the fair grounds, no matter what their stated reasons, is a simple but amazingly brazenly shameful and at the same time sneaky and shameless attempt to generate a safe and low-cost revenue stream for the fair. The fair will gain pure profit from lost and unused tickets while enjoying the daily and yearly “float” on the money from those sales with zero risk for the fair. This purely profit based initiative to inject the fair board into all transactions as a non-productive ticket broker is beneath the fair board and the State of Iowa.

As a sidelight will every food item at the fair now cost a multiple of 50 cents and will vendors raise or lower prices to hit the magical price divisible by 50. I think the answer is clear, this is a tax/fee and potential price rise across the board on fair goers not a convenience. If the fair board needs more money they should raise the ticket price, up the rents and use better accounting, not sneak around the back alleys of the fair economy effectively stealing it from fair goers and vendors.

I wonder is the state going to charge sales tax on the tickets at point of purchase, given that they now go after that extremely high profit industry of people parking cars in their front yards around the fair with great zeal, I can’t imagine that they won’t! Is anyone looking forward to paying $106 dollars to get $100 worth of tickets on top of the inevitable price rises this will generate? In effect benefiting the state for taking tax on tickets that will never be used? If not will all prices have to reflect a sales tax and yet still end in a “0.” so that tickets may be used cleanly or will their be dime, nickel, quarter, and penny tickets as well.

I have this picture in my mind of sometime in the future as this ” ticket tax” expands to more vendors across the fair. It is the picture of a customer with a wheelbarrow full of 800,000 tickets going to make a deal on a combine; it’s not a pretty picture.

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A New Years Tradition

Originally posted on Teachosaur Thoughts:

This is a repeat but still one of my favorite  school stories. This one came  from a neat little kid of very careful, correct, engaged parents. Upon the return from the Christmas Vacation one year I asked the kids, the very creative and little used(ha ha or should it be ho ho), “What did you do over Xmas vacation?” He/She(mom may be reading) then told the following story.” We didn’t do much over Christmas, we opened presents and ate cookies and the same thing happened again on New Years day.”  “What,” I asked? And heard  a long graphically descriptive story about his mom that would mortify her and  can be boiled down into one sentence.  “Ever since I can remember (he/she was a 5th grade student) my mom always has a  really bad  case of the flu on New Year’s Day. Hmmmmmmm the flu, New Year’s Day, must have been someone,  something…

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