Changing Minds ?

A review of my 2017 Blog posts indicates that I blogged around 35000 words with the net effect being that the only mind I changed, on any issue, was very likely my own.

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Gun Laws – Some Questions about Age Controls

I’ve been thinking about laws concerning  age controls on guns.  I am willing to concede that limiting access may play a small part in effective gun regulations however I have some questions.

Will laws concerning raising the age to buy guns be patterned after the current laws dealing with cigarettes, marijuana  and alcohol and if so is there any reason to believe that they will be more effective?

Will the proposed  laws also ban the use of guns under a certain age or just the sale?

Can a parent give a legally purchased gun or its use to their child ?

How will this affect the illegal transfer of, gifting of, or the  testamentary transfer of weapons from non parents?

If use or ownership is banned will there be a requirement that the millions of  now illegal guns be turned over to authorities or held in trust until the owner is of legal age and if so will current underage but  legal owners be compensated for loss of ownership and material use if not allowed to keep their guns.   If guns are seized from underage owners how will that fit in with 4th amendments  protection against search and seizure as the courts have held that underage individuals may not normally be denied rights before majority ?

Doing something just to be doing something is rarely effective,  Is it true that gun laws  such as these being proposed , no matter how well meaning and sounding, will at best move the age of atrocity commission back 3 years for a very limited group of malcontents and are highly unlikely to even accomplish that?

I know that this position is going to upset many of you.  Rather than attacking my intelligence  or me  personally perhaps you should try to answer the questions posed above.  And also the more important question, “Which is worse, a law that appears to do something but accomplishes nothing or no law at all.

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Adversity Verse

Effect before cause
Hate before compromise
Death before birth
Conclusions before thought
Now before the past
Insanity before sanity
Virtual reality before reality
Eliot notes
How it all ends
Not with a bang but a whimper

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Who Knows?

I’m not sure which is a better choice to run the country. 17 year old teenagers with little life experience who don’t yet know what they can and can’t do and often think only of themselves and parties or 80 year old congressmen/women who know too well what they can and can’t do and think only of themselves and their own party

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School Shootings, Why

The simple explanation for school shootings is an acceptance of the fact that advertising works.  Every sensational school shooting story, repeated over weeks in every venue sets up the next sick mind to prepare for the next atrocity.  The simple question is “where did the shooters learn to do school shootings?”  From their parents, at school, in church where did they learn to do this? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  The cycle of school violence has become a media driven event.  An easy first step might be to ban the use of the murderers name after the first 24 hours and another step would to be very careful of the unending, often excusing analysis of why the shooting occurred in the media, as I believe some individuals will seize on that faulty analysis and use their own faulty analysis of their own experiences to legitimize a future heinous act in their own part

I also find it interesting that, if you overlay the data you find that most mass shootings take place in areas that have relatively lower per capita gun ownership.  Perhaps if we answer that particular, “why” question we may have a foundation for further progress in curbing all gun violence.

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A Real Bargain

I had written around a thousand words about the destruction of public employee collective bargaining particularly as it would affect our schools, I was a teacher and a teacher association negotiator back in the “good” old days before collective bargaining so I have some knowledge of what came before. But, after I was done writing all those words and read back through it I realized that it all boiled down to just two immutable facts for teachers and children.

First, when the educational environment changes for the worse, teachers and to a certain extent children have three choices, adapt, move or die. some younger teachers will adapt, work three jobs, and stay because they love their job, other excellent and smart teachers will move on, even if they love their job, because they can’t afford not to, and the older teachers will indeed stay in until they die. And when they die they will take with them the glue that holds our educational system together.

Second, in America, most times, “You get what you pay for.

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Econ Final For Today

Compare and contrast these three major Federal antitrust acts with the phrase, ” Too Big To Fail.” You have until the next election to complete the assignment.

The Sherman Antitrust Act
The Clayton Act
The Federal Trade Commission Act.

The following information on these laws comes from the Antitrust Enforcement and the Consumer guide.

The Sherman Antitrust Act
This Act outlaws all contracts, combinations, and conspiracies that unreasonably restrain interstate and foreign trade. This includes agreements among competitors to fix prices, rig bids, and allocate customers, which are punishable as criminal felonies.
The Sherman Act also makes it a crime to monopolize any part of interstate commerce. An unlawful monopoly exists when one firm controls the market for a product or service, and it has obtained that market power, not because its product or service is superior to others, but by suppressing competition with anticompetitive conduct.The Act, however, is not violated simply when one firm’s vigorous competition and lower prices take sales from its less efficient competitors; in that case, competition is working properly.

The Clayton Act
This Act is a civil statute (carrying no criminal penalties) that prohibits mergers or acquisitions that are likely to lessen competition. Under this Act, the Government challenges those mergers that are likely to increase prices to consumers. All persons considering a merger or acquisition above a certain size must notify both the Antitrust Division and the Federal Trade Commission. The Act also prohibits other business practices that may harm competition under certain circumstances.

The Federal Trade Commission Act
This Act prohibits unfair methods of competition in interstate commerce, but carries no criminal penalties. It also created the Federal Trade Commission to police violations of the Act.

Extra Credit!

Related Offenses
The Antitrust Division also often uses other laws to fight illegal activities that arise from conduct accompanying antitrust violations or that otherwise impact the competitive process, as well as offenses that involve the integrity of an antitrust or related investigation, including laws that prohibit false statements to Federal agencies, perjury, obstruction of justice, conspiracies to defraud the United States and mail and wire fraud. Each of these crimes carries its own fine and imprisonment term, which may be added to the fines and imprisonment terms for antitrust law violations.

Write one paragraph concerning how the portion of the  “Related Offenses” section shown in italics applies to modern politicians and political parties.  Pay specific attention to whether or not government entities  can be penalized for committing these prohibited offenses on themselves. 


Discuss if  political advertising constitutes mail and wire fraud and  is prima facie evidence of a conspiracy to defraud the  people that constitute the United States Government. 


Should the political parties be considered as monopoly corporations operating in a coordinated fashion in constraint of their trade (Elections)  as controlled  under the Sherman Act. 


What would happen under  Related Offenses section if the bold and italicized, “to” in the section above  was changed to,“From”

Sometimes what is legal is not right and what is right is not legal.


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