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Supersize and Starvation

Diet Gurus make millions blaming this and that, telling us do eat this don’t eat that and many times they are at polar opposites in their recommendations. When you think about it the problem is simple, Coke and Pepsi used … Continue reading

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The Ripple Effect of a Railroad Tie

Every once in awhile I see a stat that makes me think. I know this is out of nowhere but I have just read that the Union Pacific Railroad Company installs, on average, over 10,000 replacement railroad ties every day, … Continue reading

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Burning Books, One Word At A Time

Nearly everyone can agree that burning books is a bad thing. Even if at the same time all of us can also agree that they have read some books that belong in a fire, some because they are simply bad … Continue reading

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What Gender is the Easter Bunny?

I have mixed feelings about Easter Egg Hunts. I can remember when literally thousands of kids lined up behind a starting line on the Saturday before Easter to run through a local park hunting for plastic-wrapped pieces of brightly colored, … Continue reading

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In The Future, Education Will Bite

Apparently 13 or more South Carolina high schools have petitioned the state Athletic Union to make “Bass Fishing” a varsity sport. Proponents argue that it is physically rigorous and a mentally demanding sport. They add that as a lettered varsity … Continue reading

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Home Cookin

I saw an ad today for a new store that features and sells only “Restaurant Quality” foods. My first thought was “What the Hell has happened I missed another paradigm shift” I seem to remember when restaurants advertised, “Just like … Continue reading

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I Heard You The Third Time You Called so Pay Me, Pay Me Now!

There is an endemic problem going on in many of our elementary schools it is the phrase “I’m going to count to five,” (for many sociologists and college professors 5 wasn’t enough and now its 10) the phrase is then … Continue reading

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