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Educational Reform, Cooking Oil and a Coke

Educational reform, decriminalization of marijuana, high fructose corn syrup , soda size  and cooking oil, what do they all have in common? They have all gained fame in the media as the desastre du jour. The crisis of the day … Continue reading

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Is It True That “Fat People Got No Reason To Live?”

Is fat destined to become the next word that is not mentioned in polite company and known only as a letter?  Of course there will be some confusion as another word currently is sometimes called the “F” word.  I have … Continue reading

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School District Un-creatively Has a Baby

It has been a fact for quite a while that some school districts will attempt to usurp the rights to intellectual property and creative work from the teachers who actually created them even when those materials were created off school … Continue reading

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Writing – Failure to Launch

  Michael Jordan said that, he was successful because he failed so many times.” If that is true then my struggles with writing over the past few months could ultimately make me a super star. My computer is laden down … Continue reading

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