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Will You Be Offended By This?

The greatest infringement of free speech in America today is the too often used phrase, “That offends me.” To which I almost always reply, “I’m offended that what I said offends you.” Now that we are both offended can we … Continue reading

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Can We Teach Reading In Our Schools

The Sunday paper properly devoted several pages to the problems of poor readers, but infers that poor reading skills are simply a teaching/ academic problem. In reality much research shows that we learn to read by reading. Just as we … Continue reading

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The Magical and Incredible Disappearing News

I am not denying the importance of the Boston Marathon Bombings. but it makes we wonder just how important were they. Since the bombings occurred we have had an earthquake in China that killed hundreds, North Korea still stands poised … Continue reading

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Boston, Bombs and America

There is no real upside to the senseless and meaningless killing and maiming of  any living thing but it is a tribute to the spirit and character of Bostonians and Americans that the number of people running towards the site of the bombing … Continue reading

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123 Things I Don’t Understand

I sat down a couple of days ago and was pondering some blog subjects. In about 30 minutes I came up with these things that I don’t completely understand? Ill bet you have some yourself. Why don’t we see more … Continue reading

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The Culture of Fear and the Fear of One

In the last week I have read that the following things are dangerous and may kill all of us; Genetically modified food-starvation, cigarettes-alcohol ( strangely alcohol other than wine), diet pop-plastic water battles, overeating-starvation, ,fast cars, slow cars, energy independence-fracking, … Continue reading

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