123 Things I Don’t Understand

I sat down a couple of days ago and was pondering some blog subjects. In about 30 minutes I came up with these things that I don’t completely understand? Ill bet you have some yourself.

Why don’t we see more clearly that free stuff buys votes on both sides of the fence?

How can  you logically support banning  a type of cooking oil  and at the same time legalizing marijuana?

Why is it that  when 100 years ago almost every home in Iowa had a gun in it were there not more gun crimes and suicides per capita?

Why is it okay for  us to deny our own heritage while deifying the heritage of others?

Why do we want to be like Europe at the same time Europe is becoming more like we used to be?

Schools require parental permission for a child to take aspirin  but the same child can get an abortion without permission?

Why is alcohol in wine okay but not in beer and hard liquor?

Will my property taxes go down under Obamacare as we will no longer need  to  support the  county  hospital?

If curriculum is really the problem why have none of the new curriculums worked in our schools?

If teachers are the problem why hasn’t the problem retired with the old teachers?

If we posted the border with “ No Trespassing” signs would “undocumented immigrants” then be illegal trespassers?

If teachers are the problem why don’t we fire them?

Why do children or anyone for that matter deserve to  have rights without responsibilities?

Why can a kid tell me to go “****” myself in front of the class and I am told not to complain because it is an ethnic or racial issue.

Why is it okay for commercials  to almost constantly  show people slacking off on the job and laughing about it?

Why is it acceptable for employees to abuse sick days with no conscience?

Why is it acceptable for workers to spend time just surfing and  buying things on-line when they are being paid to work?

Why do we pay college athletic people bonuses  when we fire them?

Why do people who dump fertilizer on their lawns at higher rates than farmers dump it on corn complain about farmers and their fertilizer?

Do you vandalize your  own home or business, if not why do you believe that farmers are vandalizing their land?

Why do we trust the weatherman sitting in a studio rather than looking out the window?

Why do we make laws based on one isolated incident?

Why do we blame food for obesity (see guns) when the only exercise many of our children and adults gets involves  their thumbs and fingers?  I have never seen food jump into a person’s mouth unassisted.

Why, when our world is filled with labor-saving devices, do we never have enough time?

Why don’t the manufacturers produce panty hose that never run? They have that ability

Why is the plastic in packaging so tough that it sometimes requires a special tool  when plastic toys break overnight, sometimes without anybody touching them?.

When did requiring respect from our children become oppressive?

When did we begin to believe, counter to our own experience, that  teenagers should be excused for bad behavior because they don’t consider consequences?  Is it possible that situation occurs  because they have never had any real consequences for their previous  behaviors to refer to?

Why do kids walk out in the street  in front of dump truck drivers and expect to live?

Why do the same kids give that same dump truck driver the finger after he honks at them and once again expect to live?

You have to show an ID to buy spray paint  but  not to vote?

How can two or more  congressmen shit in the same mess kit day after day?

Why are we so shocked when  our obsessions with electronic devices cause  our own deaths?

Why are we surprised when our children can’t find their way home from school or don’t know their address or their own phone number?

Is it possible for a teenager to travel 1000’s of  miles in a car and never see anything of our country except the inside of their eyelids and a phone screen?

Whey do kids walking out of our  schools in groups all have their phones out instead of looking at and talking to each other

Why do we accept traffic cameras?

Why did I take notice, with pleasure, when I saw two kindergarten kids paying attention to worms in the gutter after a big rain?

Can car safety advances overcome the distraction of the drivers?

Why do we need back up cameras in cars,  are we no longer able to turn out heads?

Do devices that help us remember destroy our ability to remember?

Why is it an advance that we pump our own gas and push our own groceries?

Why is it better that toilet paper lasts half as long and paper towel sheets have gotten ½ size

Why do we have  lawn services and whole stores that only do fingernails, etc.  ?

Why have I  never been inside the houses of two of my closest neighbors?

Why do people root for Nebraska?

How can Iowa keep a running back for more than one year?

Why can’t I burn leaves in my yard but I can burn marijuana?

Why are our state parks run down and our government offices brand new?

Why can I buy something cheaper from Walmart than I can buy the materials to make it myself?

Why hasn’t someone found a better glue than Elmer’s?

Why do wool socks still scratch and smell bad when wet?

Why can’t I see the value in a piece of modern art that features one  line and two different colors and costs a million dollars ?

Why did the mayor of New York city  propose banning 32 oz drinks but buying two 16 oz drinks was okay. Perhaps an investment in Solo cup company?

Why are the cedar boards on my deck rotting after only 5 years when an old dead cedar tree in the woods  will last for 100’s of years?

When something breaks on your car after two years how come no one can answer the question,, “ Did you design or  intend for that to break after only two years?

Why is customer service often the exact opposite?

Why am I paying over 30 % of my income in taxes but am not paying enough?

Why are democrats and republicans  seemingly living on different Planets  and only come to earth to make  N. Korean like statements to and about each other?

What happened to our concept of  respecting the office of the presidency  and acting presidential?

Why are our politicians appearing  so often on late night comedy shows:.. perhaps some kind of satirical device or is politics the highest form of dark humor?

Why do I ever post anything on Facebook?… ponder that one for a while if you are reading this on Facebook

Does it help our country’s future when a politician  or political party is depicted as winning , losing, caving, or triumphing on the local news?

Is the absence of a religion a religion in itself?

A questions for religions, What was God doing before he created the universe? A question for the non-religion faction, Where was the material of the universe before it was created and from where did it come?

How can somebody sue the forestry service when a tree falls on them in the woods?

How can anyone logically oppose simplification of the tax laws?

Is legalization of  gay marriage the same as providing lawyers with an ongoing subsidy?

Why do pages of the tax forms still say “part of the paperwork reduction act of 1964 when you only put one number on the page?

If we control everything  with impossible to understand laws  who will control the lawyers who interpret the laws?

Does anyone remember sealing a deal with a handshake and understanding that it would be done in the way agreed?

Have you ever considered  how empowered the .01% of germs, that hand sanitizers don’t kill, feel?

Ivory snow is 99 and 44/100 pure but they never tell us pure what.  Remember that the next time you listen to a commercial or a politician?

When did yellow stop lights begin to mean, “ go faster”

Why would you ever argue with a man with a gun?

Why do we need 30 different kinds of mustard and 100 different kinds of dog food?

Why does a set of tires cost more than cars used to?

Why are schools built 100 years ago with hand tools in better shape than those built 30 years ago?

Why do schools spend more on their football fields than their science labs?

Why am I writing this?

Why is my next trip to the dentist going to cost more than my first car?

Why did my  last dentist trip exam and x-ray  cost me $4.57 per minute?

Does garbage expand to fill all available space and is that a political or material statement?

Why are we spending nearly all of our educational capital on those who cannot or will not and spending virtually none of it on those who can and will?

Why is it still snowing in April

Why can global warming theorists with a straight face blame both higher and lower temperatures on the phenomena?

Why are snowstorms so much more important on the east coast than they are in the Midwest?

Why do the senate and house have their own retirement and benefit plan?

Why don’t politicians understand that they were elected to govern not to  govern to be re-elected

Why doesn’t society understand that the secret to reformed education is perhaps more reform schools.

Why does the thermometer in my car say” ice” when it is 37 degrees

Why aren’t lawyers held equally liable for filing frivolous law suits.

Why doesn’t the federal government pass a law that all class action law suits must give at least 70% of any award to the victims?

When are unions going to get smarter about business?

When are CEO’s going to get smarter about unions?

Why do we accept statements from politicians that we would never accept from our own kids?

Is it true that Republicans are from Mars and Democrats from Venus?

Why do writers of teenage books find it absolutely necessary to put in at least one vile swear word?

Why did we watch Saturday morning TV when there was no graphic  violence in the programing?

Were we really harmed when Awards shows were child friendly?

Are we really served by polls and polling?

Why don’t we all agree to lie to anyone who cold calls us on the phone?

What happened to the “no call “ list.  Did it just  disappear

Why are politicians exempted on the no call list?

How are all the phone operators at the DAV named Jane even the males?

What ever happened to savings bonds ?

Why do kids stand on the corner with their parents for 15 minutes to ride the school bus 1 block to the school?

Why are there 3 parents on each corner waiting for the bus with their kids every morning?

Why are school buses still yellow?

Why don’t school buses have seat belts?

Why do I always see the  computers full at the library and nobody in the stacks?

Why is a McDouble  essentially the same prices as a hamburger with but with cheese and twice  the meat?

What ever happened to antiques?

Why do they make fruit cups so that they are impossible to open without spilling them?

Why didn’t anyone tell us when sugar and flour started coming in 4lb rather than 5lb bags?

Why does a MacDonald’s 32 oz large drink only have around 12 oz of fluid in it when you get it?

Why do  we buy T-shirts that advertise a product?

Where the Hell is Hollister?

Why do my children all make more in their 40’s than I was making when I retired?

Why do we have 60 minute photo, can’t we remember for at least an hour “  ( George Carlin)

To paraphrase a country western song why are their 57 channels and nothing’s on?

Why could we ever possibly need to record 6 TV Shows at once?

Would cable TV exist if remote controls had not been invented?


About safrisri

I was a school teacher until retirement. I have taught at all educational levels from pre-school to college. My college degree is general science which I arrived at after 5 years and 5 different majors. A degree as it turns out, almost as valuable and in demand as one in Neo-Bulgarian Mythology. I have been around education for around 40 years and can remember when teaching was a pleasant, happy and creative job and our schools were the same. Now I'm the guy sitting on the porch with an opinion on everything.
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2 Responses to 123 Things I Don’t Understand

  1. I could tell you hadn’t taught English, but you were forthcoming about that on your “About” page. This was great fun to read, and I know these are rhetorical questions, but I’ll offer answers to three for your amusement:

    Though mechanically reliable, accurate guns were available 100 years ago, good guns were expensive and most people couldn’t afford them. Most homes instead had one old rifle or shotgun, passed down from previous generations. The sights were poor and they weren’t accurate over much distance. You had to be a highly dedicated, practiced killer to get your money’s worth out of a pistol. By comparison, today’s much-improved guns make it easy for the untrained and inexperienced to commit crimes. Plus, modern life provides so many more reasons for suicide, which accounts for 2/3 of gun deaths.

    The alcohol (and the calories) in wine aren’t any better for you than what’s in beer or liquor. Red wines have higher levels of polyphenols, antioxidants that may reduce the risk of heart attack in persons over 40. In general, the darker the wine, the higher the antioxidant content. Thought you might appreciate that, being a scientist.

    I don’t know what you were watching on Saturday mornings, but my preferences were Popeye and The Three Stooges. I believe their primary motif was to display the varieties of punches that can be thrown under any circumstances, with alternating emphasis on hitting each other with blunt objects.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And the obvious… Why are educators concerned about the lower 40 and not the gifted kids?

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