If The TV Show “Numbers” Tried to Fix Education

We tend to state things now in absolute black and white. This is happening within our schools because our government seems to love data instead of results. Mathematically (simplistic but valid) we could state the basic educational equation thusly:
t ● s = l
t = teaching
s = Students
l = learning

At the present time we seem to be considering s (students) to be a constant and t (teachers) to be the only variable. As l (learning) declines we know mathematically if s (students) is a constant, a direct relationship between t (teachers) and l (learning) seems to be established and hence all of the problems with education must be attributable to the teachers/teaching. When in fact the truth is that “because all of our children are now perfect” our bias causes us to confuse the variable and the constant. When viewing this equation without bias it is just as possible and actually more reasonable and probable although uncomfortable for parents that the t (teachers) variable has remained constant or increased and the s (students) variable has declined in value leading to a decline in l (learning). This is possible and more probable because when we consider all the time and money that has been spent on improving and correcting teachers and teaching while very little or none of the attention has been directed at students It seems more likely that the t (teachers) variable has not declined but in fact should have increased leaving the only other explanation for a decline in l (learning) to be a direct relationship between s (students) and l (learning).

Simplistic? certainly !  worth thinking about…..I believe so!


About safrisri

I was a school teacher until retirement. I have taught at all educational levels from pre-school to college. My college degree is general science which I arrived at after 5 years and 5 different majors. A degree as it turns out, almost as valuable and in demand as one in Neo-Bulgarian Mythology. I have been around education for around 40 years and can remember when teaching was a pleasant, happy and creative job and our schools were the same. Now I'm the guy sitting on the porch with an opinion on everything.
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One Response to If The TV Show “Numbers” Tried to Fix Education

  1. Cliff Hanson says:

    I am not a school teacher, however, for over forty years I have taught men and women the disciplines of sales and marketing. Now, having tempered my comments, it seems to me that school teachers (no matter how good or bad) have been encumbered by “politically correct” implemented standards, guidelines, rules and expectations. It is truly distressing that Common Sense is held in such low regard by the “politically correct” police.

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