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It is a simple equation.  Oppressive Middle Eastern dictator + Very strong military + visible religious divisions + use of weapons of mass destruction + calls for the U.S. to be the World’s policeman. Haven’t we heard this story somewhere … Continue reading

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MIley Cyrus Robin Thicke and Janis Joplin

In the wake of the MTV/VMA awards where Miley Cyrus abased herself  in front of millions to the gods of modern Hedonism I, at best  a reformed libertarian at heart, have some thoughts about Miley.   In short, age has taught me that society needs some rules … Continue reading

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Imagine that you are fresh out of college, a top student in your field. You take a job in sales, training and management dealing with 7 different divisions and managing the production of 30 similar but unique units. Your assembly … Continue reading

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Citizen vs Resident

Across the country several government agencies and municipalities are moving to ban the word “citizen” in all documents and postings as it is not all inclusive. The replacement word of choice is “resident” To me the word citizen carries with … Continue reading

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