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The Debt Crisis: Throwing Sandpaper Airplanes at a Kitchen Match

It is unconscionable that we are again facing a debt crisis! Why do I too often feel that too many of our elected officials try to light a fire by folding sandpaper into a paper airplane and throwing it across the … Continue reading

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The Common (nothing special) Core

This is a re-post from  September of 2011 as the debate over the National Common Core heats up it seemed reasonable to re-post. National Core curriculums are like nuclear reactors, at the core of both we find a powerful but … Continue reading

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The Tao of Tire Changing

Five things I discovered yesterday afternoon. 1. When you have a flat tire and the jack supplied with the car won’t jack the car up high enough to get the spare on it is irritating. Particularly when you only discover … Continue reading

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The Safety Patrol and Society

When I was in 5th or 6th grade in 1957 and 58 I was on the safety patrol. The Safety Patrol was an in school organization in most schools that depended on 5th and 6th grade students to insure the safety … Continue reading

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Syrian Bait and Switch, Death is Still Death

Is it possible that Syria has just pulled off one of the biggest and best bait and switch deals in the history of the World? Has anyone else noticed that we have spent the last three weeks deal making over the … Continue reading

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Sunrise…. Sunset

I am lucky enough to spend my time in a wonderland called Minnesota where I see the sunrise and the sunset and wonder do people everywhere watch the sun rise and set and if so how can they not find … Continue reading

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Nannies,Video Games, Boots, and Terrorism

It is apparent that the Nanny concept of government in the U.S. has once again overreached itself. Apparent success in controlling drink size, cooking oil, health care, school curriculum, lunch programs, tobacco, alcohol, religion in the schools, and etc. emboldened … Continue reading

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