The Politician Who Cried Wolf

Yesterday in India over 100 people were killed due to a rumor. A rumor of a bridge collapse that would have caused a major loss of life. There was no bridge collapse but the loss of life did occur. Perhaps our weather forecasters, our newscasters and our politicians should take to heart this loss of life in India. Noting that it was not the inanimate bridge that caused the loss of life but the false news that did. When everything is a catastrophe, when everything is a danger, when the masses begin to believe in the god of undeniable political truth and swallow whole  the predictions of the self-serving media screeds filled with handwringing and danger,  bad things begin to happen.

When Democrats and Republicans start to believe only in themselves and their own platforms, worse yet convince their constituents often against their own best self-interest that uncompromising action is needed it is tantamount to the story of the boy who cried wolf and it becomes doubly dangerous,
Another example of this just recently was the headline about a “Catastrophic Oil Pipeline Spill in North Dakota”, the stories were carefully fear mongering that it was fractionated oil and drawing parallels to the potential for damage from the keystone Pipeline. When researched we find that the oil spill contaminated 7 acres of land, no water or ground water contamination was found, the spill was contained and was well on its way to being cleaned up by the time the news hit the headlines but yet there it was , Headline News of a catastrophe, as the Lion King tells us ,” Be afraid, be very afraid”.  Seven acres by the way is about 7 football fields.

I fear it is happening now and our world has become a more dangerous place not because of what will happen but because of what we are being trained to believe will happen if we step outside of our political, religious, corporate or own selfish needs.

The world both politically and geologically has massive momentum, contrary to the news and our politicians it doesn’t change direction on a dime and it has incredible self-healing powers. I agree it is true that the last straw breaks the camel’s back but the camel we are riding on now can carry most real existing straws easily, it may be, that the piling on of straw men, will break our back not the straw itself.
Note I am not denying the need for watchfulness, control and correction of real dangers environmental or worldly the operative word being real. I am totally against creating or over stating a problem and using it to promote our own or politically selfish goals.


About safrisri

I was a school teacher until retirement. I have taught at all educational levels from pre-school to college. My college degree is general science which I arrived at after 5 years and 5 different majors. A degree as it turns out, almost as valuable and in demand as one in Neo-Bulgarian Mythology. I have been around education for around 40 years and can remember when teaching was a pleasant, happy and creative job and our schools were the same. Now I'm the guy sitting on the porch with an opinion on everything.
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