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Tiny Simple Pleasures-Lost In Time

Memories seem stronger over the holidays and often the memory of a small thing can become a big memory.   Finding the one/half maraschino cherry that was to be found in  a can of fruit cocktail in your bowl The symmetry … Continue reading

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Christmas Story # 3

I was thinking about Christmas and it occurred to me that when I pictured my parents at Christmas I always see the same picture, they are always seated in the same place, they are wearing the same clothes and they … Continue reading

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Christmas Story # 2 What is Really Important, An Allegory

As crowds converge at a checkout line in the days before Christmas, Holly, an aptly named cashier if you discount the bored expression and snake tattoo, faces a customer who has played the Christmas sales game to perfection, visiting store … Continue reading

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What makes a Christmas Memory

Here are some of my most lasting Christmas Memories, I’ll bet you have some to! Christmas Eve Oyster Stew…. When I was a kid Christmas Eve dinner was always Campbell’s Frozen Oyster Stew… If you were lucky in a family … Continue reading

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School Christmas Story # 1 – A Repost of ” The Wayward Secret Santa”

We used to have politically incorrect, terribly exclusionary, discriminatory, ethnically and religiously insensitive fun and happy gift exchanges every Christmas between students. Sometimes with Secret Santa type assigned names and sometimes sort of a random distribution or grab bag approach … Continue reading

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When You Can’t Go Home Again

When the last of your parents die it is often a mental game changer.  The death of a parent is a tough although often sweet sadness after a long life.  When your first parent dies you can often take solace … Continue reading

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