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The State of the Union

I noticed something missing from the State of the Union Address even though the concept has been around and accepted for thousands of years. As the president crowned himself king and declared unilateral action and the republicans continued to sit … Continue reading

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“TANSTAAFL” …… Isaac Asimov

As I read about the debate over net neutrality (free equal internet access) I am reminded of things that started off free or nearly free, later became accepted as a necessity and then went up in cost from there . … Continue reading

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Iowa State Fair Plans to Scam Iowans with Cardboard Gift Cards

The profit in Gift Cards is not in the sale of the cards but the cards that go unused and are lost. In many ways gift cards are a sham transaction based on the knowledge that a known percentage of … Continue reading

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A New Years Tradition

Originally posted on Teachosaur Thoughts:
This is a repeat but still one of my favorite ¬†school stories. This one came ¬†from a neat little kid of very careful, correct, engaged parents. Upon the return from the Christmas Vacation one year…

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New Year’s Resolution

I was going to sarcastically quote my shortest resolution ever; ” .” But then I realized that there had been 24 different New Years celebrated on spaceship Earth as the clock ticked. I decided that my short resolution although succinct … Continue reading

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