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Fairy Tales Might get an “R” rating!

After Reading Peter Pan in the original version where Peter kills any of his “lost boys’ if they start to grow up and Tinkerbelle is murderous conniving little bitch I took a look at some other Disney movies. The Little … Continue reading

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The KGBear

Socio-biologists note that the Russian Bear (sometimes known as the KGBear) is out of hibernation and foraging widely in almost record numbers. Many believe this is occurring in an attempt to regain weight lost after the long hard cold “war”….. … Continue reading

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What Really Happened to the 777

Over the past two weeks I have collected many of the statements uttered by talking heads usually immediately after uttering the phrase, “We don’t want to speculate.” Here are some that I have heard or seen Meteor strike,Weaponization,Encounter of the … Continue reading

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