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The Study of Signtology   I have noticed what I believe to be a previously unpublished and new natural phenomena with a major periodicity of 48 months and a minor population peak every two years. The phenomena is secondarily associated … Continue reading

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California Shootings

Two things bother me about all the prognostication about the California shootings. First, it amazes me how many different groups are aggressively attempting to selectively use the facts to support their own political/social agenda. Second, all of the finger pointing … Continue reading

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Teaching in America

We used to use mild physical punishments and shaming to control aberrant behaviors.                 That was outlawed because it made kids into child abusers and destroyed their psyches. We used to make kids stay in from recess and after school … Continue reading

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The Voter Paradox

It occurs to me that the dichotomy between liberals and Conservatives can be summarized thusly:   Some conservative voters ignore the” Reality of Science.” While Some liberal voters ignore the “Science of Reality.”

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MERS and the Catastrophe of the Day

.4339622641509433962264150943396e-9 equals the percentage of people in the United States who have been diagnosed with MERS. Welcome to the CNN/FOX/NBC/CBS/ABC Catastrophe of the Day. The World Health Organization amongst other things suggests that you should avoid drinking camel urine or … Continue reading

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If Kids Were Cars

  We can all define a car, it has four wheels, seats, windows, doors, transmission trunk , and an engine. And we can argue quite correctly that all cars share certain characteristics.  But we can also agree that not all … Continue reading

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Boko Haram

Boko Haram loosely translated may mean (nobody knows for sure)”Western Education is Sin.” In a 2009 BBC interview, the leader of the group, stated his belief that the fact of a spherical Earth is contrary to Islamic teaching and should … Continue reading

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