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Death by Political Correctness

Political Correctness destroys a teacher while she is in the process of teaching kids to be politically correct. A teacher for 40 years, landed in hot water Sept. 18 when a student in her Advance Placement U.S. History class brought … Continue reading

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Change Is The Only Constant

Less than 100 years ago obesity was not a problem our schools were concerned about.

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No Pain… No Gain?

Children in general learn to not touch a hot stove by touching or nearly touching one. Not by someone telling them to not touch the stove. The experience is much more effective in imprinting the message in their memory than … Continue reading

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He Was A Ballplayer

On the passing of Yogi Berra I feel I must pass on his many mantras to the young. I was a catcher for much of my baseball career and he was my baseball and life guru, my philosophical foundation. His … Continue reading

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For Some Every Day is Memorial Day

As I was driving early this morning I noticed an elderly gentleman standing by one of the tanks that overlook the peaceful valley of Camp Dodge he stood alone, silently, gently touching the cold hard steel of the war machine … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a 50th High School Reunion

Last night I attended the first night of the class of ’65 50th reunion of the “ Last Great Class” from Roosevelt High School in Des Moines Iowa The emotional experience left me in an introspective mood. It seems that … Continue reading

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Tarred With The Same Brush

“Tarred with the same Brush,” I have been thinking about this old idiom this AM and it seems to me that this is one of the problems of modern society. A Politician, policeman, teacher, food stamp user, crab fisherman, Congressman, … Continue reading

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