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Making Divinity Candy or A Lesson In Humility

  Making Divinity is one of the ultimate gray areas of making Christmas treats. Generally I have been successful in making the sugary confection but every time you make it you realize that failure is never far away. ┬áDid you … Continue reading

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Has ” The United States of America,” become an oxymoron?.

Phlllbbbbbt to both Democrats and Republicans and corporations for willingly even gleefully making mountains of dirt out of a mole hill of dust even before issues have been adjudicated. Forced firings, resignations, un-proven accusations treated as absolute fact, far before … Continue reading

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Am I? Are You?

I have been thinking a great deal about the current catastrophe du jour, that being sexual abuse. Once again the problem for many becomes where do you draw the line followed by an ongoing introspection to see if you fit … Continue reading

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