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Too Big To Fail 2

Walmart is trying to buy Humana? I am honestly confused, were all anti-trust laws, I learned about in high school government class, repealed sometime and I missed it. In an era where diversity is a keyword. Our choices as consumers … Continue reading

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More is Less The Cell Phone Conundrum

I’ve been thinking about cell phones again.  Fully aware that as our phones become more sophisticated our need to think at all becomes more and more irrelevant.  I have boiled it down to two sentences.   It is not what … Continue reading

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E.T. Phone Home

I was thinking of the wonder of mobile phones this AM.  Mini computers with more power than the first men in space took with them.  I often worry that they are damaging a whole generation socially and mentally through their … Continue reading

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Fake News about School Shootings? It’s All In The Definition

When you hear the phrase, ” School shooting,” what do you visualize? I have tried to avoid doing this but have learned from experience  that if you say something long enough, loud enough,  and often enough that for many people … Continue reading

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Changing Minds ?

A review of my 2017 Blog posts indicates that I blogged around 35000 words with the net effect being that the only mind I changed, on any issue, was very likely my own.

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Gun Laws – Some Questions about Age Controls

I’ve been thinking about laws concerning  age controls on guns.  I am willing to concede that limiting access may play a small part in effective gun regulations however I have some questions. Will laws concerning raising the age to buy … Continue reading

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Adversity Verse

Placing Effect before cause Hate before compromise Death before birth Conclusions before thought Now before the past Insanity before sanity Virtual reality before reality Eliot notes How it all ends Not with a bang but a whimper

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