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Sex, Drugs, and Guns

We have been pushing forward drug education in our schools since I started teaching in the early 70s and even before that when I was a student in public schools in the form of films like, “Reefer” and “The Demon … Continue reading

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“I am what I am, and that’s all that I am.”

When I was a young fat kid. Popeye gave me the key to a happy life.  I used to worry about what I should be rather than what I was. It warped my responses to almost everything around me.  In some … Continue reading

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The problem of this election is not one of demagoguery, personal accusations and ill manners, it is one of trust. Who can we trust? Can we trust the candidates as both have shown the ability to lie at will? Can … Continue reading

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Summer Learning Activities

I see that parents are being bombarded with ” Summer Learning” activities. The best summer activity is that you should throw the kids out of the house at 8:00 let em back in at noon to eat lunch and then … Continue reading

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Elbert Hubbard Not Just for Historians

Elbert Hubbard is a little known American writer who died in 1915 but his writings still provide a window on modern America. Here are some selected Hubbard quotes that I feel provide instruction for living even today. Old Age: Do … Continue reading

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Parent-Teacher-Torture oh I mean Conferences

October is the month for school conferences in the United States. As a Teachosaur I don’t like conferences for the most part. For two simple reasons; One. If I needed to talk to that parent I should have already done … Continue reading

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A Principled Principal- Gary Eyerly

I had two great principals to work for, as a classroom teacher, in my teaching career. The first was Terri Cunconan at Johnston Middle School in the 70’s and 80’s and my second was Gary Eyerly at Hiatt Middle School … Continue reading

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