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School Suspensions; The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Recently our local paper opined that student suspensions from school harm education and for an individual student I agree that may be true. The editorial writer was particularly shocked and dismayed  that kindergartners and 1st graders were occasionally suspended while … Continue reading

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The Tether Ball Poll

I know that tetherball has a pole not a poll. But I was thinking about the tetherball pole and realized that it might be a better way of rating our leaders than a political poll. Tetherball is a simple game … Continue reading

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Bribes, Callings, Wrong Numbers and Teacher’s Pay

Because of all the stories about teacher pay I am going to repost this blog  from 2007. An Alabama state senator made headlines this week when he said teacher pay should not be raised out of “biblical principle.” “Teachers need … Continue reading

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Fake News about School Shootings? It’s All In The Definition

When you hear the phrase, ” School shooting,” what do you visualize? I have tried to avoid doing this but have learned from experience  that if you say something long enough, loud enough,  and often enough that for many people … Continue reading

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Who Knows?

I’m not sure which is a better choice to run the country. 17 year old teenagers with little life experience who don’t yet know what they can and can’t do and often think only of themselves and parties or 80 … Continue reading

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A Real Bargain

I had written around a thousand words about the destruction of public employee collective bargaining particularly as it would affect our schools, I was a teacher and a teacher association negotiator back in the “good” old days before collective bargaining … Continue reading

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Sex, Drugs, and Guns

We have been pushing forward drug education in our schools since I started teaching in the early 70s and even before that when I was a student in public schools in the form of films like, “Reefer” and “The Demon … Continue reading

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