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Defining Racism

I have been watching with concern the stories and posts about  a high school teacher and a college professor here in Iowa  being pilloried over “racial slurs” which did not have any racially motivated intent.  They simply used a word … Continue reading

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NCAA Caves

I believe that the NCAA knew they were going to lose the endorsement fight so they cut their losses. It does not matter that NCAA stars are already paid for their skills, it’s called an athletic scholarship. free food, free … Continue reading

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Thinking and Boxes

We often hear the phrase, ” Thinking outside the box.” The phrase usually means being creative but in politics it means something else. It too often means that anyone outside of your box is wrong and incapable of thinking. I … Continue reading

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Metaphorically Speaking

“The pen may not be as powerful as the sword.” English teachers deserve a special place in Heaven. I came across this list in a file on my computer. Having never taught Language beyond 5th grade I would imagine an … Continue reading

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Some years ago we made a semantic mistake when we called our goal, ” multicultural diversity. ” In fact it would have been much more valuable if we had called the goal,” multicultural unity.” We used to be the world’s … Continue reading

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School Suspensions; The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Recently our local paper opined that student suspensions from school harm education and for an individual student I agree that may be true. The editorial writer was particularly shocked and dismayed  that kindergartners and 1st graders were occasionally suspended while … Continue reading

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The Tether Ball Poll

I know that tetherball has a pole not a poll. But I was thinking about the tetherball pole and realized that it might be a better way of rating our leaders than a political poll. Tetherball is a simple game … Continue reading

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