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NCAA Caves

I believe that the NCAA knew they were going to lose the endorsement fight so they cut their losses. It does not matter that NCAA stars are already paid for their skills, it’s called an athletic scholarship. free food, free … Continue reading

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The Tether Ball Poll

I know that tetherball has a pole not a poll. But I was thinking about the tetherball pole and realized that it might be a better way of rating our leaders than a political poll. Tetherball is a simple game … Continue reading

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“I am what I am, and that’s all that I am.”

When I was a young fat kid. Popeye gave me the key to a happy life.  I used to worry about what I should be rather than what I was. It warped my responses to almost everything around me.  In some … Continue reading

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Video Games/TV Vs Exercise IT DOES MATTER!

Science News Magazine in a May 3rd article notes that studies have shown that exercise really does help build strong bones particularly before puberty. A paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science reports that active people … Continue reading

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123 Things I Don’t Understand

I sat down a couple of days ago and was pondering some blog subjects. In about 30 minutes I came up with these things that I don’t completely understand? Ill bet you have some yourself. Why don’t we see more … Continue reading

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Football, Punishment and Life

I have watched with great interest the current controversy over physical punishments handed out by football coaches in high school. I was and always have been a team player and truly believe in the concept of team as being the … Continue reading

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