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New Electoral Medical Condition identified

New information of medical conditions affecting elected officials! Party in power- characterized by poor hearing,slow reaction time, and long selective memory. Party out of power: characterized by very sharp hearing, over reaction and a short selective memory. Often very contagious … Continue reading

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Mixing Fire and Water ( A study in Sarcasm)

The local fire and rescue department is taking a proactive approach to the problem of frozen fire hydrants. A perennial problem in northern climates the uncertainty of finding a frozen hydrant in the face of a major fire often causes … Continue reading

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Faith, Hope, Reality and Despair at Walgreens

I received an e-mail yesterday saying my prescription was ready at Walgreens. I faithfully got in my car drove the 5 miles and after seeing 5 cars in the drive through, and knowing that at least one, had someone my … Continue reading

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Masochists Come In Many Flavors

As I was walking the dogs this A.M. I noticed that several irrigation systems  were running after we had an inch or so of torrential rain yesterday afternoon. Now I know that most of you have heard of S and M … Continue reading

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Winston Churchill on the Modern Condition

I believe I would have liked to have had a conversation with Winston Churchill and here’s why, in his own words. Bessie Braddock: “Sir, you are drunk.” Winston Churchill: “Madam you are ugly but in the morning I will be … Continue reading

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The Tao of Tire Changing

Five things I discovered yesterday afternoon. 1. When you have a flat tire and the jack supplied with the car won’t jack the car up high enough to get the spare on it is irritating. Particularly when you only discover … Continue reading

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Is It True That “Fat People Got No Reason To Live?”

Is fat destined to become the next word that is not mentioned in polite company and known only as a letter?  Of course there will be some confusion as another word currently is sometimes called the “F” word.  I have … Continue reading

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