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Changing Minds ?

A review of my 2017 Blog posts indicates that I blogged around 35000 words with the net effect being that the only mind I changed, on any issue, was very likely my own. Advertisements

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Gun Laws – Some Questions about Age Controls

I’ve been thinking about laws concerning  age controls on guns.  I am willing to concede that limiting access may play a small part in effective gun regulations however I have some questions. Will laws concerning raising the age to buy … Continue reading

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Adversity Verse

Placing Effect before cause Hate before compromise Death before birth Conclusions before thought Now before the past Insanity before sanity Virtual reality before reality Eliot notes How it all ends Not with a bang but a whimper

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Who Knows?

I’m not sure which is a better choice to run the country. 17 year old teenagers with little life experience who don’t yet know what they can and can’t do and often think only of themselves and parties or 80 … Continue reading

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School Shootings, Why

The simple explanation for school shootings is an acceptance of the fact that advertising works.  Every sensational school shooting story, repeated over weeks in every venue sets up the next sick mind to prepare for the next atrocity.  The simple … Continue reading

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Econ Final For Today

Compare and contrast these three major Federal antitrust acts with the phrase, ” Too Big To Fail.” You have until the next election to complete the assignment. The Sherman Antitrust Act The Clayton Act The Federal Trade Commission Act. The … Continue reading

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The U.S. Federal Budget

Without looking it up! How many years has it been since “our” congress completed one of their main jobs per the constitution and actually passed and confirmed a Federal Budget; Not a stop gap or limited budget? 2 years 4 … Continue reading

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