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“Cave Danaos et dona ferentis .” or Mendacibus, et perjuris civilibus affliguntur damnati,

In the 1964 election what was then considered a hard line conservative Goldwater and a very liberal Johnson faced off in the Presidential election. Now it seems that both might be considered to be rather ideologically middle of the road! … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

Having some random thought problems this AM… Is there a relationship between seatbelt laws and vaccination? What ever happened to Small Pox and Polio? Why do we insist that everyone can, when we know for a fact that everyone can’t … Continue reading

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Opportunity Calls But Once

There once was a world famous piano tuner whose name was Mr. Opporknockity. Oppornockity gained true fame in the music industry as it seems that once Mr. Opporknockity tuned a piano it never needed to be tuned again.. Mr. Opporknockity’s … Continue reading

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The Adventure of Glossophyrangeal Neuralgia

About 6 months ago I had a few moments of severe pain while swallowing. As the months progressed the pain became more severe and more frequent. About three weeks ago the pain began occurring without any outside stimulus. A sharp … Continue reading

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Freedom Don’t Come Free

It’s no longer a question of what is or is not acceptable. The question now is too often , who gets to draw the line. Think about immigration for example, some advocate open borders others closed, we have had both … Continue reading

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Jack, Charlie, Golf and Politics

Golf and politics have a lot in common. Both sometimes require a strong dose of alcohol just to participate. I was reading the political news this morning on both Fox and CNN and realized they reminded me of Jack and … Continue reading

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Closings are coming Closer

Sears is gone, K-Mart nearly so and now Lowes and Target have both announced store closings in “less profitable markets.” One of the saddest parts of big box store closings is that they first drive the local stores out of … Continue reading

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